Raised Garden Bed

This year I started my first vegetable garden and composting for the first time too (I don’t have much of a green thumb).  I remember when my brother and I were younger my mom had a pretty decent size garden in our back yard.  My mom and grandma (who had, what I considered to be a HUGE garden at her place in the country) would can a lot of what they grew, pickles, tomato juice, strawberry jam. 

I rent a duplex and didn’t want to dig up the back yard, so I decided to do a container garden.  I found three Party Bins from TJMAXX and the price ranged from $12.99 to $24.99.  I got lucky and found three matching ones at three different times.  I drilled drainage holes in the bottom of them and filled them with dirt.  In the small one I planted my basil and oregano, the medium one I have strawberries and the large one I have carrots.
I had old planters that I took from my parents’ house and planted tomatoes. And I built a raised garden bed.  For the bed I had found pre-cut 1×4 boards, they were around 4 feet-just the size I was looking for, at Menard’s for $0.89 a board-score!  I had weed liner and picked up a 4x4x8, two rolls of chicken wire fence.


To make the garden I had my dad cut the 4×4 into 18 inch pieces.  Then I pre-drilled holes in each board and the cut 4×4 pieces.  I did two holes for each end of the board and used lag bolts to hold everything together.  Once assembled I cut the chicken fence, which was a pain because all I had was this old kitchen shears – my hand was sore when finished.  Next, I stapled the fence to the bottom of the frame.
Frame and chicken fence
Next I screwed in supports to the bottom of the frame.
Then I stapled a weed liner in the bottom.  After that I moved it to the back yard, and laid down newspaper and filled it with soil.


Finally I planted and watered my garden and containers and waited patiently (or tried to) for my hard work to pay off!


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