Adding new life to a tired bookcase.

I bought this bookcase from Target, I think, a few years ago. It’s in my office/craft/guest room. Like most of my accent pieces this is black. Instead of painting it I had decided that I would add a pop of color to the back of it.

Harley wanted to say Hello!

I found wrapping paper at TJMAXX.  They put the wrapping paper near the check outs so I just HAVE to look. 🙂 This is how they get you! Ha!  The wrapping paper I picked for this project was a light teal and white houndstooth pattern.


First I tried Mod Podge with a little bit of water, sort of like a wallpaper paste. That wasn’t working the paper became crinkly and wouldn’t stick.  I ended up scrapping that plan. 

The next plan was to use Aleene’s Crystal Clear Tacky Spray (next time I would get Aleene’s Repositionable Tacky Spray).  This seemed to do the trick! I sprayed the top and let it set for a about a minute and put the paper up.  (Note: In the future I would recommend starting with a corner to make sure that the paper is lined up evenly.  My paper lined up slightly off, it’s Okay for me because my books cover it up.)
I followed this same method for the rest of paper, working in sections.  As I continued I smoothed out the paper, from the middle using a plastic scraper, being careful not to use too much force so I wouldn’t rip the paper.
Next, I took my handy Exacto knife and trimmed the edges and then I rubbed off the tacky spray that got on the bottom shelves and sides and vacuumed up the little bits of glue. 

Then it was time to put the shelves back on and arrange the books.  I put the books back on and to give it a little more visual umph, I put all of the books that were in a series or by the same author in a pile.  Now you can see more of the back, which is the whole point of this project


Before and After
Have you done something similar?  Share below!

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