Turning Vintage Glass Insulators Into Tea Lights

Happy Friday I hope everyone’s Friday is going well!  I’m getting this post out before I head down to Milwaukee this weekend!

A few weeks a go I found these vintage glass electrical insulators at a rummage sale for $3.00 for all six.  I had seen a few different things that people have done with insulators.  My first inclination was to make a coat rack…but I don’t have the room for one.  I saw lamps made from insulators, and then I saw candle holders! I knew I found what I was going to make.


What you need:
  • Insulators
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Rope/Twine or something similar
I washed and dried the inculator caps.  And removed any debris in them.  One of them had the end of a broken wooden pole screwed in it still.

Once cleaned I took the wire and cut it so that I would have enough to make hooks and secure the ends together.  I twisted the first end around a pen, and then wrapped it around the insulator.

Then, after a some trial and error, I made 2 more loops (I tried to have them as equally spaced as possible) and wrapped them around a pen to secure the loop.
This picture shows where I had tried doing the loops on each side of the insulator.
That didn’t work, it kept flipping over because it was top heavy.

Next I secured wrapped the rest of the loose wire around the insulator and wrapped the lose end around one of the loops.

Then I took some string that I had (which I don’t like and I’m going to swap out for some twine) and cut to the same length and tied together at one end, to create a loop to hang from a hook.  The loose ends I tied to the loops. 

I have two more to hang up and I’m tring to find a home for them!

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