Weekend Recap

This weekend was low key for the most part.  Saturday was the Packers’ Family night, which is a scrimmage the Packers do inside Lambeau Field. That means I had to be at the stadium at 9:30 am and was done at 7:00 pm.  It was a long day, and I got a little too much sun, but it makes me excited for the up coming season.

With a long day yesterday, I rented 42 last night, which was a inspirational story and a great movie.

My little garden seems to be doing well.  I have an abundance of tomatoes, my carrots are going, and my cucumbers have taken off.  The strawberries I planted are Everbearing, and new flowers are starting again, I hope I’ll get a few more strawberries before the end the summer.

My peas seemed a little tough. I think I may have left them on the vine too long, and my green beans, which were delicious, only had one yield.  I think they may have been overcrowded.

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