Weekend Recap

Hello friends.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Compared to last weekend, this weekend was much more busy. My mom’s youngest brother Billy and his two boys came up from Illinois to visit for the weekend.  Friday afternoon, I was up at Lambeau Field working until kick off for the first preseason game. Saturday, after running some errands, I decided to rearrange my living room, and my photos hanging on the wall. I was invited to my uncle Chuck’s (my dad’s younger brother) house for a cook out.  Today, I finished straightening up my living room, and I made some art I found on Pintrest, before going to my mom’s sister Jenny’s house for another cook out. And that brings to now where I’m watching Haunted History (and creeping myself out) while I’m typing this.

This was my living room before.

I wanted to hang my photos in a way that would be easy to see them all and show off my photos. After looking online, I decided to hang them at eye level and all in a straight line. I had to do a little math.  After adding up the width of each frame, and added an inch. I knew I needed about 156 inches. I also needed to find the center of the room, which was 184 inches.
After removing the photos.  I measured 60 inches up from the floor. I marked several locations and connected each mark with the bottom of painter’s tape, and marked the center of the room at 92 inches.
I had previously made paper mock ups of my frames, and I still had the ones that came with my frames. I taped them up with 1 inch between each frame.  I started nails in the holes in the pilot holes that I had previously placed in each mock-up.

Pictures all hung.

My newly rearranged living room.
I will have to post my art project later this week.

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