Art Project: Wisconsin Art

I originally saw this on Etsy.  I thought it was a cute idea and I decided to add a green and yellow twist.  Come basketball season, I’ll do another one in blue and gold.  I like this project because it is fun, easy and kid friendly. It’s also not that expensive either.  The possibilities are endless, you could do your state’s colors, favorite sports team, home town, favorite place to visit in the state.

Friday night, I stopped at Michael’s I found picture frames that were $6 each, paper was 6 sheets for $1 and Martha Stewart glitter.

I cut a piece of yellow card stock to 8×10.  I printed a map of Wisconsin, and cut it out to use as a template. Then, I traced Wisconsin on to green and white paper, and cut it out.  This was probably the most time consuming part.

Next, I glued my cut Wisconsin on to the yellow card stock.

Then I cut out a heart from the cardstock, and glued it to where Green Bay is.  I used Martha Stewart’s glue pen and covered the heart in glue. I poured glitter on the wet glue and let dry.

Once dry I put my masterpiece in the frame and hung it up in my kitchen next to pictures I took while in Chicago a few summers ago.

Next time I do this, I will have to make sure that I use a smaller Wisconsin to cut out.  The tip of Door County and the very edge of the western part of the state got cut off.
How do you show love for your state?  Feel free to share!

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