Address Post and Garden Hose Hanger

For this project, I picked up a 4x4x8 from Menards for $7.97, a 2-pack of finials on clearance for $4.99, a wall mounted hose hanger for $9.99, I also picked up some red Rustoleum spray paint for $2.50.  I had left over scrap pieces of wood from my raised garden bed that I was able to use. I follwed the directions found over at Shanty 2 Chic for the Garden Hose Holder and the Address Post.

First things first: I had to cut the 4x4x8 in half.

1 & 2. I lucked out in the scrap wood area.  I had some pieces of scrap wood leftover from my raised garden bed project, one piece was 5.5″ wide and the other was 3.5″ wide.  All I had to do was measure 5.5 inches in, make a line, cut to make a square, and repeat.  I did the same with the piece that was 3.5 inches.

I traced where the post would fit on the 5.5″ square, and where the 3.5″ square would go on the 5.5″ piece, making sure that each piece was centered. Next, I drilled small pilot holes, glued the pieces together and nailed them together. I then repeated the process with the 3.5″ square on top of the 5.5″ square. Finally, I marked the center of the 3.5″ square and drilled a pilot hole so I could screw in the finial.

Address Post
 The first post, I spray painted red, to match the doors, and shutters. The numbers on the mail box were the only identifying numbers on the house.  They weren’t visible from the road, so people would constantly dive past my house
Garden Hose hanger
The grey post was pretty much the same process, except I did not spray paint this one.  I used my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey (have I told you how much I love this stuff???).  This added an extra step.  I had to use the soft wax to seal in the paint.
Once dried, I sprayed both posts with a a clear coat to give them a shiny look.
Right now I am waiting to put the garden hose in the ground.  My landlord is having a our sump pump connected to a mini sewer.  Public service and AT&T came out and marked in the area I wanted to put the post.

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