Weekend Recap

Hey Guys. For those of you in the States, I hope you all had a good Labor Day Weekend. If you’re not in the States, I hope you had a good weekend!

My weekend was low key.  Saturday I went to the Farmers Market, Goodwill and stopped at a rummage sale with Jenny.  At the Farmers Market, I picked up some tomatoes and corn on the cob, a bag of kettle corn-which was a mix of cheese, caramel corn and apple flavored corn.  It was an intriguing mix.

Green and Gold Crunch Kettle Corn

At Goodwill I found a shelf for $5.99.  I almost got a desk for $15.00.  I should have, when I went back there today, it was already gone!  The shelf I got didn’t have any way to hang it up.  So I stopped at my local Ace hardware store, and was assisted by three associates, to find a good way to hang it up. The option that was settled upon was getting two L brackets and screwing into the top shelf, and then screwing them into the way.  Since I was replacing smaller shelf, I already had the holes so I made sure the line the L brackets up with the holes.
The original had a dark stain.  I got out my handy Paris Grey paint and painted it. And then once dried I sanded it down, and gave it a once over with the Annie Sloan Wax.
painted shelf
At the rummage sale, I found two pendant shades.  Which is perfect to go in my closet since it’s so dark.   I also found a antique folding exam and embalming table.  It looked a little creepy…maybe a little blood stained!  It looked like it was straight out of a horror movie!
 Embalming Table
Sunday was filled with errands, I picked up a light socket for the light in my closet, cleaned, and rented Django Unchained, and Lovelace.  I enjoyed both movies.
Monday, I got up early, made an apple pie, and grilled a tenderloin and corn on the cob.  My dad and brother came over for our Sunday dinner.
Harley found a friend who wanted to stop by and visit!  I’m going to call her Lady Grey. She wasn’t a stray, but she didn’t have any tags.  For the longest time they just sat and “chatted”.  All of the sudden she let out this crazy howl, like I have never heard before and then hissed at him.  Not sure what tha’s all about.
Like I said my weekend was pretty low key, but sometimes I need a low key weekend.   Next Monday I start class.  I’m going to see how blogging and keeping up with class works.  This is my last semester for my paralegal certificate!
How was your weekend?

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