Weekend Recap

Hello, hello!

I usually just watch the pre-show for the awards shows.  But tonight I’m flipping between the Prime Time Emmys and the Bears/Steelers game-Let’s go Steelers! Merritt Wever had the BEST. SPEECH. EVER! I also loved Julia Louis-Dreyfus speech.

Thursday night I made some cupcakes from work.  I have to admit, they came from a box.  I still think they taste pretty good.

This weekend was chucked full of…homework.  I know it’s pretty exciting right?  Friday I picked up some plastic skulls and ravens from the dollar store.  These are going to be part of my Halloween decorations.  I’m going for a Gothic Halloween theme. I have been Pinning away and creating lists and folders of ideas I’m planning on doing.

Saturday I went to work on a complaint I had to write for my Civil Lit homework at Starbucks. If I stay at my place when I’m trying to study, I procrastinate.  There are way too many distractions at my place.  I find it much easier to zone people out than it is to zone out housework and other distractions.

After I was done with my homework, I went to the 5th annual Art-Craftic, with my friend Kira.  It seemed like there were maybe 10-15 vendors in all.  I’m not going to lie, I was expecting a little more, especially since it was the 5th annual.  Even though there weren’t a whole lot of vendors, it was nice to get out and stop in some of the local shops and take a look around.

Kira and I ended up having a late lunch/early dinner at Fox Harbor Pub. I had a Mushroom and Swiss burger and a loaded Bloody Mary!  Sometimes there is something about pub food and a good drink that just hits the spot.

Saturday night, I cut my grass (I hope maybe for the last time this year). I then started making fruit leather from apple sauce.  It turned out OK, it tasted good.  I don’t think I left in on long enough though.  It was a little damp-not sure if this was the right word.  I’ll post more about this later this week.

Have you guys tried to make fruit leather? Do you have any suggestions?

Sunday I watched the Packer game at my dad’s. UGH a difficult loss…on the bright side the Packers’ run blocking is looking better and the run game is looking better.  Our running backs also are looking better! i really like Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin. Two weeks with a running back that had more than 100 yards!  After the game, I had dinner with my dad and brother, I have the perfect tortilla pan and made taco salads.


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