Weekend Recap

Hi Ho,
Has anyone out there seen Masters of Sex on Showtime?  I saw advertisements and I have to admit, I was intrigued.  While I think Michael Sheen (I can’t stop picturing Aro) and Lizzy Caplan are great together, I think the jury may be out on this one, so I’ll keep watching and see where it takes me.  Here’s a little trivia, Nicholas D’Agosto, the actor that plays Dr. Ethan Haas graduated from Marquette University a year before I graduated.  I don’t remember seeing him around campus, but I didn’t spend any time around the Theater Department until my Senior year.  I spent most of my time with fellow Bandos, or with my Mock Trial teams.

Enough about television. This was another weekend spent around the house.  I put up my Halloween decorations outside.  My mom had made some headstones years ago.  Since my since my dad doesn’t decorate for Halloween like my mom did, he said I could have them-or borrow them.  I hauled my plastic bins from the basement and got to work.

My front yard has this wonderful little flower bed that was the perfect place for a little graveyard. It curves out in front of my half of the duplex and has a Hosta, a beautiful peony plant, and a few other plants.  The front yard also has a crab-apple tree that has prefect branches to hang things from.

Besides the headstones my mom made, I also inherited the skull fence from her.  I was trying to go for a under light type feeling.  I’m still looking for some bones I can make stick out of the ground, and I think I may pick up some mini strobe lights to place in there for the trick or treaters.

I made these ghosts last year.  Which was my first year passing out candy and decorating outside.  My previous apartments were not optimal for outside decorating.  I will need to get a black light or a red light for my front porch.  The normal light is too bright and ruins the mood.  I also have to have the porch light on to have my outside light on.  Whoever did the electrical put the outside lights on a switch…who does that?

Here is my quick down and dirty on how I made these little fellas. I picked up some foam balls, cheese cloth and buttons. I already had ribbon on hand and the glue.  I put a hole in each one of the balls using a crochet needle.  I looped the ribbon through a button and placed the button on the bottom of the ball and fed the ribbon through the top of the ball with a large sewing needle.  Then I cut the cheese cloth to the sizes I needed and placed them on each ball, making sure to feed the ribbon through a little hole in the cheese cloth.  To make the cheese cloth stay in place, I spread glue on top and hung them to dry. Once dry I took some black paint and painted eyes and a mouth on each ghost.
Saturday afternoon, I watched the Badger game, and made cake pops to take to my brother’s place Sunday for the Packer game.   More to come on an additional post.
Saturday night I finished up my assignment for Employment Law.  We had to create a job application.  Now the studying begins for midterms.  I can’t believe that next week is the half way mark! When done with my homework I rented Hangover III.
Sunday morning I made some buffalo chicken dip to bring over to Greg’s house in addition to the cake pops.
Sundays I have dinner with my dad and brother, and we rotate who makes or buys dinner.  Greg’s girlfriend was in town for the weekend so he had my dad and I over for the football game, and he made pulled barbecue chicken.  It was good even though he put a little too much brown sugar in it.
So the forecast for next week is calling for possible flurries next week!  I am not ready for winter!  I remember as a kid my parents would bet each other when we would get snowfall, and when it would stick. Do you decorate your yard for Halloween?  Is this something that’s only done in the US? What are you doing to get ready for winter?  I’d love to hear from you, feel free to comment below!

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