Guess Who’s Back?

I have spent WEEKS working on this mock trial for my Civil Litigation class.  I have been carrying around this binder as it has been getting fuller and fuller.  I may end up with a back like Richard III! The last month or so I feel like I’ve been a hermit.  If I wasn’t at work, or class I was either in the library, sleeping or having meetings at Starbucks.

This picutre was taken last Thursday of my team’s Mock Trial Binder and is now full to capacity! I don’t know if we would have been able to put anything else in there.

We presented our mock trial last night-which dealt with the death of a lady who had fallen and broken her arm, and four days later passed away. Although it wasn’t a flat out win for my team (the defense), our client was only found to be negligent in the hiring and supervision of it’s employee.  The main point we won on is the jury did not find our employee liable/at fault in the lady’s injury and and thus a cause of her death.  The jury awarded the plaintiff (the daughter of the deceased) $10,000 for pain and suffering, $15,000 for medical expenses $0 for funeral services and $0 for loss of society and companionship.  I can live with that.

In all seriousness, I couldn’t have done it without my team.  These women are smart and funny, and I can honestly say that we didn’t have any major issues, (we’ve heard horror stories from the other classes).  There were more than a few butterflies going into this trial.  There were a few curve balls, and hiccups but nothing too bad.  My team did a phenomenal job!  I think someone calculated that there were approximately 40 hours in meetings alone between the end of October and this past Sunday.  That doesn’t include the countless hours that each of us spent working individually on drafting pleading, questions, exhibits, ect, and I don’t think includes the in class time or after class time we met to work on the case.

Now that this is over with, I can focus on Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays.  I’ve decided on a theme for my Christmas tree.  This year it’s going to be Winter Wonder Land.  Whites and Silvers.  This past weekend (which was the first weekend that I did something other than work on this Mock Trial all day)  I went to the neighborhood rummage sale at Shopko Hall with Jenny and Darsey in the morning.  I picked up two glass jars. There was some pretty interesting stuff, however, I wasn’t in blog mode so I totally forgot to get any pictures. I also picked up four packages of white bulbs from St. Vincent DePaul for $12 and three glass candy jars in the shape of christmas trees for $3. I have a bunch of projects in mind!

I can’t wait to get back to being crafty, working on this blog, and enjoying the holidays!

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.



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