Glitter Onraments

Hi I’m Lonie and I love things that sparkle and glitter.

This year, my Christmas theme is Winter Wonderland.  I already had on hand a bunch of white and silver ornaments from previous years (last year my tree was a Marquette themed tree blue yellow and white).  I picked up 4 boxes of additional white ornaments from St. Vincent. and a box of large clear glass bulbs and a box of small clear glass bulbs. In addition to white and silver I’m also going to use a few accent bulbs in a rose gold.

Saturday night, I gathered my goodies.  I had small bulbs, and large ones. I had a rose gold glitter from the pumpkins I decorated last year.  I also picked up some white glitter from Michael’s.

 I started off by looping ribbon through the holes so I could hang them up to dry once I had the glitter on them.
I first tried painting the bulbs with some Martha Stewart white pearl paint and then sprinkling glitter on them. That wasn’t working to the way that I liked, so I grabbed my Tacky Glue. I had to water it down just a bit because it lives up to it’s name.
Once  I got them done and up on my fan (my drying place of choice for light weight things) I sprayed them with hair spray I picked up from the Dollar Store, to make sure that the glitter doesn’t fall off.  I may love glitter but I don’t like to find glitter all over the place..

These bad boys have been hanging on my fan in my kitchen since Sunday morning. I don’t want to put them back in their boxes because I’m afraid that the glitter will fall off, even with the heavy amounts of hair spray.

This weekend I will be putting up my tree, along with other various holiday baking and gift making.   I’ll post an update when completed.

I put up my Christmas tree this weekend. After a week of hanging out on my kitchen fan, I hung the ornaments I decorated last weekend.

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