Weekend Recap

If you are getting hit with snow and frigid temperatures, I hope you are are staying safe and warm.  We’ve had cold weather the past week, and from the weather reports, it seems like it’s going to last a while.  While I’m writing this post I’m enjoying a cup of Peppermint Mocha from a Local Coffee shop, Kavarna.

This weekend, I went to a birthday party for my friend’s daughter who turned 5.  It’s fun watching her turn into a little spirited little tomboy!
After the birthday party, I went home and  put up my Christmas tree while I watched the Marquette v. Wisconsin basketball,
This year, I thought of getting a real tree, but I decided against it. Maybe next year.  I got this lovely (cough, cough) at Walgreen’s about 6 years ago at an after Christmas sale.  It was $5.99.  Not a bad buy, if I do say so.
I gathered some of the ornaments I had, along with some of the ones I picked up from St. Vinny’s and the ones that I made. Once I hauled them up from the basement, and sorted them out I got to hanging on the tree. I started with garland and then added the different bulbs.
My Saturday afternoon, was spent watching Marquette lose to Wisconsin (BOOOO) and going though my winter and Christmas decorations deciding which ones I wanted to up put up. I like most of my decorations to be seasonal as opposed to just Christmas decorations.  That way I can leave them up throughout the winter.  If they are Christmas decorations, I feel like I should take them down when I take my tree down.
Saturday night, my dad, brother, Betsey and I went to dinner at Red Robin.  Nothing fancy, but good company and good times and sharing stories with Betsey about Greg when he was a kid and all of the weird, nerdy stuff he did.  This is one of the reasons why I don’t bring any dates around.  My dad and brother would thoroughly embarrass me, and scare the poor guy off!

Sunday I worked up at the stadium until kick off and then went to the game.  It started snowing about 7 a.m. and kept snowing until Sunday night.  I think we got about 2 inches when it was all said and done.

My uncle gave my dad and I tickets to the game, since his wife wasn’t going to the game. Big thank you to my aunt and uncle for the tickets. The seats were really good.  they were in section 133 row 21 seats 3 and 4, which to the left of the Packer’s tunnel.  When we got there, there was a bit of an issue with the seats.  It’s always a tight squeeze in these December games.  Everyone has at least 3 layers on.  Some people down on the other end of our row, didn’t feel the need to squeeze in tight and wouldn’t move.  The usher wasn’t much help.  So we got in all nice and close- which isn’t bad when it’s cold.


I loved this guy’s hat.  It was very festive.  Part way though the 2nd quarter, a nice couple in the row behind us offered us their seats as they were leaving.  We finished out the half, and after standing outside for four hours before the game and sitting in the cold for another hour or so, my dad and I left to watch the second half at his house.  This is the only time I have ever left a game early and I hope it’s the only time that I will ever leave a game early.

After the game I ended up taking a nap and then did a little studying for my Employment Law final.  I have one more test next week, in Civil Litigation 2.  I’m done with class then!

I have a few more posts and then this weekend I’m going to do my baking!

I’m going to hunker down and hopefully this cold weather will break soon!  What do you guys do when it gets too cold to enjoy the winter?

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