Simple Snowflake Garland

This is an easy-peasy project that can be done with in 30 minutes.  I did it one Wednesday night after class, while watching American Horror Story.

I needed something to dress up my bare mirror in my kitchen and my office decorations.  I have a bunch of snow flakes I inherited from my mom and my grandma way back in college, when I first started decorating my own Christmas trees.  These hand-me-downs have a lot of mileage on them but I love them none the less.  I also have a surplus of yarn from some projects I made for my Christmas tree last year.  I got the idea while at work and we were cutting 3-D snowflakes to decorate our team area.

So with my abundance of plastic, glittery snowflakes, and white yarn, I got to work. I cut two pieces of yarn one, long enough to hang as a swag between my kitchen and living room, and one to hang on my mirror in my kitchen.

I had an entire plastic gallon bag filled with these glitter snowflakes.  I could probably have made a wreath from them.

I started by finding the center of the string and then I wrapped the string around prongs or through loops.  I continued to grab random snowflakes and attach them at different intervals.

Once done I hung up my garland on my mirror.


And then hung up the long strand betwen my kitchen and living room. I think I’m going to keep these up for the winter…or at least until Valentine’s Day.  They are festive and wintery.

Here is my garland at my desk at work. Again I think I’m going to keep it up until I decorate for Valentine’s day.
Do you guys decorate for the seasons at home or at work?  I’d love to see what you do!  Feel free to share below.

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