Weekend Recap 2 for 1

So these past two weekends I didn’t do a whole lot.  I’ve been pretty beat after work.  This is the time of the year that we are really busy, with new policies and new groups.  But it’s even more busy with the people enrolling in all of the new health care plans.  We don’t get offered overtime very often so I have been been working extra hours to help pay for my upcoming trip to Europe. I can’t complain, I get overtime, but by the time I get home, my brain feels fried. We are supposed to have a group blog so we can capture the adventure from planning to the actual trip.  When I get more info about it I’ll  include a link, if anyone is interested in following those adventures.

Last Saturday, I had the great idea to go sledding.  So I met Jenny, her son Payton, Darsey, her kids Logan, and Miranda at Jenny’s place.  I went over to Jenny’s around 9:30 so she and I could catch up. It feels like forever since she and I got to chat.
So all five of us got bundled up and headed out.  Our first stop was Triangle Sports Area at Baird’s Creek in Green Bay.  Apparently the city of Green Bay doesn’t update their website with the times and prices (with $2 for per tube and $3 for the use of the tow rope). The hill there is pretty big.  It’s steep enough to need a tow rope and there are two (I think) separate hills, one for tubing (you must have a tube not a sled) and one for snowboarding.  The last time I was there was when I was freshman in college with my brother, when I went snowboarding with my brother.  So Jenny, Darsey and I thought that leaving by 10 would get us there so that there wasn’t too many other kids. Apparently it didn’t open until 11.  So instead of waiting we decided to try our luck at another hill.
Poor Miranda got so excited (and probably overheated) that she passed out on our way to the second hill.

This sled was a bust!  Jenny and Logan tried to push Darsey and Miranda down the hill and they got stuck. They were able to use one of the other sleds that we brought and made it down just fine.

I went down with Miranda and we ended up laughing so hard the entire way down. Along with getting a snow sprayed in my face the entire way down.  It was a blast.  I think the other people around must have thought we were loony.  It was one of those days that our stomach muscles got a work out from laughing so hard.  So many of the kids there had no fear when going down the hill and launching off one of the ramps that some other kids had built.

I am so in LOVE with MJ’s eyelashes. They are some of the longest ones I’ve seen. She’s also one of the most adorable and strong willed kids I’ve met. The picture on the right just screams “I’m too cute.”

Saturday night I went to a Green Bay Gambler game with my dad, brother, and my brother’s friend Nick. The guy I had the pleasure sitting next to kept giving a play by play run down of the game.

Sunday night I snuggled with Harley and watched a reboot of Flowers in the Attic.  It was kind of meh.  I had such high expectations for it and the Lizzy Borden movie.  I was a little disappointed in each of these.

Last week and this week I’m working from our downtown office, which is about a 5 minute drive from my house.  I worked at this location for the first 5 years before my department moved to the main office in Green Bay, which is about 10 miles from home.  I miss working at the downtown office.  It is close to the restaurants, and close to happy hours.

So Friday night my brother and I met up for happy hour at St. Brendan’s.  St. Brendan’s is an Irish Inn, Restaurant and Pub in Green Bay.  There are other locations around southeastern Wisconsin, I’ve been to County Claire, the location in Milwaukee a few times when I lived in Milwaukee.  There are even tours to Ireland (this is on my bucket list).

I think that they make one of the best Bloody Marys in town, and a great Pomegranate Martini. The Bloody Mary is like a meal in a jar, and with a chaser of my favorite beer, New Glarus Brewing’s Spotted Cow (appropriately named for a Wisconsin Beer). The Pomegranate Martini tastes sort of like a Swedish Fish. Yummy.  There was a cherry chocolate Bourbon martini that I had as well. I’m not a whiskey or Bourbon gal but it was good.

My stopped by after he got done with work.  It was a nice surprise to turn around and see him walking into the bar.  A little while later our step cousin Andy and his fiance Katie also stopped by.  By the time the dinner crowd came in and the bar started packing up we were all ready to head out on to our next destination.  So we bundled up, and made our way in the snow to Molly McGee’s about a block away.  Apparently there was a theme Friday night!

Saturday I worked from 8 until noon, and ran some errands and did some grocery shopping.  Then I came home and watched the second half of the Marquette game and made a veggie pizza that I was supposed to take to a birthday party.   I ended up staying home because I wasn’t feeling very well.  For dinner I had some veggie pizza and brought the rest over to my dad’s place for a snack.

So Polar Vortex Part Deux hit us again.  This winter is just crazy.  I don’t think I have been more ready for spring.  On my way into work on Thursday we hit 23 degrees.  It felt positively tropical out.  And then we got more snow.

Cabin Fever is starting to kick in!  I keep thinking to myself that now would be the perfect time to start cleaning my office/craft room/spare bedroom!  How are you guys combating Cabin Fever.  I’d love to hear your suggestions.  Let me know.

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