Slider Buns

With the BIG GAME this past weekend, my brother decided to have a few people over to his place to watch the shenanigans.  We ended up making sliders and other snacky foods to munch on. I wanted to try my hand at making buns, which is something I’ve never done before.  So I headed out to the internet and did a little search for slider buns.  I found a recipe over at King Arthur Flour that I decided to try. You can find the recipe here.  I MAY have suggested to Greg that we should have “mini” foods.

I was pleasantly surprised.  My buns turned out pretty well (inset in appropriate jokes about buns here).  They were a little more dense than I would have liked but they were still good.  I also should have made them bigger, 2 inch sliders are small!

This was my first time to the bread rodeo and I had no idea there were like 10 different types of yeast-OK there’s five types. Rapid-rise or Instant yeast and I had no idea which one is which. So I did a little more research to make sure I was getting the right kind.  Now that I look at the label, I think I got the wrong kind. The recipe called for instant yeast Saturday morning, I grabbed my trusty Kitchen Aid and got to mixing.  I started by mixing all the dry ingredients, and then adding the wet ones.

When I was done mixing the dough, I put some plastic wrap and let it sit for about two hours. This was a perfect time for me to frost cookies I made the night before and watch some college hoops.  Checking the dough every so often.  It was like a science experiment. The bowl got slightly warmer from all the yeast doing it’s yeasty thing, and there was a little condensation on the plastic wrap.

Here was the dough two hours later.  It almost doubled in size.  During the process my house smelt all yummy and yeasty.  It reminded me of the good ol’ days when I was living in Milwaukee.  Being about 2 1/2 miles from Miller Brewing Company, on days when the wind was blowing just right, it brought with it, the delightful smells of beer being made. I’ll take the smells of bread or beer being made any day over some of the other smells we had the pleasure of enduring while in Milwaukee-like the tannery.

Once the dough had risen, I took it out, and plopped it onto my cutting board and cut the dough in half.  Then I got to work kneading it a bit an rolling it out.  When rolled out it got to about 9 to 10 inches across.

Next, I got my 2-inch round bun cutter.  I feel like saying “That’s a mighty fine bun cutter you have there”. I rolled out the left over dough, and cut more buns, and repeated, until I had just a little dough left.

I put the buns on to a pan and covered with plastic wrap and let sit for another two hours.  During this time I worked on decorating more cookies.

Once the time was up and the dough had risen again, I brushed melted butter on the buns and sprinkled with sesame and poppy seeds. Then in to the oven they went. where they baked at 375 degrees for about 12 minutes. My oven is a little off so I have to leave things in for a little bit longer than what the recipe calls for.

Just waiting for some meat and fixings.

We broiled, the burgers for about 8 minutes. A little bacon, tomato, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions (just not on mine) and Muenster cheese to top off the sliders.   These were perfect finger foods to have while enjoying the Super Bowl.  Cooking up all the fixings was a team effort between Greg and I.
It wouldn’t be a Super Bowl party unless we had Bloody Mary’s with all the fixings!  The only thing that would have made this better would have been seeing the Packers play.
The buns were good, next time though I’m going to do 3 inch buns, and another recipe I found.  I liked this one but this other one looked like it could be a little better.
Have you tried making your own buns?  What worked? What didn’t? I’d love to hear from you.  Let me know in the comments.

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