Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day.  My Valentine’s day didn’t turn out the way I had hoped it would.  A few weeks ago, I was hoping to spend it with someone special.  But the universe had other plans. I went down to Milwaukee for Dr. C’s funeral.  While it was nice seeing fellow Bandos, but I wish the circumstances were better.  It was also nice that Father Zeps, one of the from Marquette, presided over the service.  If memory serves me right he was the Chaplin of Cobeen Hall, which was the dorm I lived in my Freshman year.

The service was a beautiful.  One of his daughters shared her memories of Dr. C and she had us laughing one moment and crying the next.  When she first went up and started talking, she got choked up and I could feel my own tears coming. All I could think of was I know what it’s like to be in front of a large group of people and share your grief with such a large number of people. I gave a reading at my grandma’s funeral and couldn’t make it without help from my mom.  I wanted to run up and give her a hug. The rest of the service was just a beautiful.  It was full of music, at the first song, I turned to my friend Kristina and mentioned how a song sounded familiar and she agreed. It sounded like it was from one of  The Planets by Gustav Holst-I just couldn’t put my finger on it. After researching I found out that it was from Jupiter: Bringer of Jollity (We played it, in band way back when I was in high school favorite from the Suite.  At the end as the pall bearers were taking the casket out of the church the band, that he co-founded and worked with at St. Paul’s school, played When the Saints Go Marching In and then finally, they played the Marquette fight song Ring Out Ahoya.  I thought it was absolutely fitting since he spent 23 years at Marquette and Saturday was National Marquette day.  Some one took a video of it and posted it on YouTube, Farewell Dr. C. I wish I did it.

After the service I caught up with a few people, and ended up going to dinner with two of my former roommates, Tala and Kevin.  We had dinner at the Olive Garden.  I ended up getting mine for free. The waiter came back with the wrong order, and went to go put it the correct order in. It wasn’t a big deal, I ca content eating salad until it was done.  A few minutes later (or what seemed like a few minutes) the manager came out and apologized and comped my meal and dessert.  I wasn’t going to complain.  The service-minus the snafu was good, but the company was even better.

Leaving at 5:30, the drive back home wasn’t bad, even with all of the afternoon rush hour traffic between Brookfield and Whitefish Bay.  The rest of the ride back up to Green Bay, was pretty uneventful.  I arrived back home at about 8 pm.  On my way home I called my friend Kira to see what she was up to.  We decided to have a “Galentine’s Day” and I stopped over at her place and hung out with her and her daughter.  We watched some of the Olympics and enjoyed some gratuitius man meat (when Bella went to bed) thank you Channing Tatum and “Magic Mike”.  He sure knows how to make a girl’s day!

Saturday I did a little cleaning (and I mean a little) I got sucked in to Peggy Sue Got Married and ended up watching it before deciding to head out to see if I could find a decent pair of jeans.  I did not find a decent pair of jeans but I did find a new top and a cami and both were half off.  Thank you flash sale.  I picked up some boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings’s and came back home to watch the Marquette game.

We got more snow on Saturday night, so Sunday I cleared out the snow.  And on Monday we got even more snow and I cleared it out again after work.  By the time I was done with the drive, there was about a half of an inch. It takes about an hour to do my whole drive way when snow blowing it. So tonight, I had to do one more pass.

This is not the face of a happy camper.  I give up Mother Nature, you win!

After such an emotional roller coaster on Friday, I needed some down time.  I’m glad that my dad and brother went up north to go snowmobiling for the weekend.

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