Vintage Hollywood St. Patrick’s Day Art

A few weeks ago I was at Joann Fabric looking at the St. Paddy’s day decorations and I found some cute St. Paddy’s day decorations.  They were little plaques with a cute little vintage kids on them with topical saying.  That’s not necessarily my aesthetic, but I liked the idea. So I scoured the Internet looking for some pictures that were more my style.

I love vintage/retro/old Hollywood glamour.  I found some pictures of Lucille Ball and Ava Gardner in festive St. Patrick’s Day attire.  I picked up some wooden scroll cut frames from Michael’s. I think they were $2.99.  I also had to pick up some more Modge Podge as I was out, and green ribbon.

I printed the pictures I liked, and cut them out. After cutting the pictures to the size I needed, I took my Modge Podge and put a healthy layer on each of the frames.  Next I carefully placed the picture and smoothed out any air bubbles.  I then added another layer of Modge Podge on top of the picture.

I let the pictures dry.  When dry to the touch, I took my Martha Stewart glue pen and traced the shamrocks on Ava’s Hat and dress and the shamrock on Lucy’s hat.  Then I poured glitter and let them sit until dry.  When dry, I tapped off the excess.


I tired two ways put the glitter on the edges of the frames.  On Lucy’s, I tried spreading Modge Podge in small sections and then pouring glitter.  It turned out OK, but not as heavy on the glitter as I wanted.  So on Ava’s I used my glue pen and then poured the glitter on.  The glue pen method seemed to work a little better.  The glitter was a little thicker.   Once all dry, I tapped the excess glitter off and put the excess back into the jar.

I let everything dry over night., and then sprayed with hairspray to keep the glitter from falling all over the place.  I think I’m going to have to go over parts and reapply the glitter.
Next I cut some ribbon, and took my hot glue placing two dollops and attached the ribbon securing it to the frames.

The finished products. Looking lovely ladies!  Who would have thought otherwise?

The finished product hanging up in my kitchen next to pictures of Chicago and another project I did this week.  Sorry it’s a little blurry.  I’ll have that post up this weekend.

My St. Patrick’s Day decorations are pretty minimal.  I can’t find my welcome sign for the life of me!

I used to think that I was Irish because my grandma’s birthday is March 17th.  Somehow in the mind if a younger Lonie that made sense. I may not be Irish, but I can celebrate like I am on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s also pretty much the only day that I will have a pint of Guinness.  To that I will say Sláinte.

How do you guys decorate for St. Patrick’s day?  How do you celebrate?  Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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