Easter Cloche and Painted Eggs

For those of you who celebrate Easter, I hope you had a Happy Easter. If you celebrate Passover, I hope you had a nice Passover.  When we were kids, we would go to church with my mom, dad and my mom’s parents.  We almost always had Easter lunch/dinner at my grandparent’s place out in Pulaski.  I remember as a kid going out to my there and playing with our gifts from the Easter Bunny with Greg.  It always seemed like a tradition that we received kites, and would go out and fly them in my grandparents huge back yard in the country. I remember one year, Greg and I were flying our kites, and the string to his kite broke and one of my parents-maybe my dad-had to run across the 2 lane highway to try to get it back. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get it back, it got caught in the power lines.

Since my mom passed away my dad and I don’t really celebrate the holiday.  We usually have something for dinner or go out to brunch and then watch movies.  This Easter was no exception.  All of the ham we found was way too big for two people so we decided on grilling some chicken.  I made some roasted carrots and tried my hand at au gratin potatoes and I even made a cake-my first failure at a cake.

A week ago Thursday, I took the day off and was going to use the day to clean and do my taxes.  I finished my taxes and did a little cleaning.

I had made plans to go with Jenny for a walk at some point during the day.  First I met my Jenny at the De Pere Thrift Store. I ended up finding this vintage cheese dome/cloche. It was a steal at $2.00 and I couldn’t pass it up.  I like being able to change it out for different seasons and holidays.  This cloche is perfect to decorate and change my decorations for a little bit of money.

Using real eggs creeps me out a bit.  I don’t really like the idea of the shells of eggs being left out, even if the egg is no longer in there and it’s cleaned out.  For this project I picked up some white plastic eggs.  I actually just happened on them while perusing the Easter section.  I picked up raffia, Spanish moss and some American moss.  I had paints that were my moms that she hadn’t had a chance to use.

In order to make the birds next, I took raffia and wrapped it into a loose circle.  I secured the ends with hot glue. and then I took some of the Spanish moss and stuck it in the the middle making a bed. Once I got how I wanted, I then stuck some American moss on the outside.  I trimmed up the scraggly edges so that it would fit under the glass.

Then the fun began I got to paint the eggs.  Half of the eggs I painted shades of beige, blues and greens.
I wanted these to be speckled. So I mixed browns, black, and a little bit of red, with water.  It wasn’t the prettiest of colors!
Once the eggs were dry, I got to speckle the eggs. Some of it got a little too runny, but it ended up turning out okay.
The other half of the eggs I painted bright colors, and tried to do an ombre paint, but I don’t really like how they turned out.  I think they turned out streaky.
To finish the cloche, I had picked up some wooden eggs and painted them black.  I love the juxtaposition of black and white. I had had taken some Modge Podge and painted stripes on one, and then poured silver glitter on it.  One I attached a white ribbon around the bottom, one I wrapped silver thread around it. and the last, I painted white polka dots on it.  They were all similar but yet different.
 The finished product, on display on my sofa table.
I’m hoping spring hurries up and gets here.  I know the calendar says it’s spring, but the weather here its still a little cooler than normal. I’m looking forward to my back yard drying out and warmer weather.

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