Capiz Chandelier and Craft Area Makeover

About four weeks ago, I started working from home. I decided I needed a change, in my work environment. So with this change, I need to rearrange my office/craft room. My desk that I use for crafts, is now going to be my work desk.  I needed a craft area that had a bigger work space which was separate from my office area.

I had used the closet in my craft room to store my craft supplies. I decided, to make the closet my craft area. I headed out to Pinterest to find some inspiration.

1. Better Homes and Gardens
2. Beneath My Heart
3. Unknown Image
4.Beneath My Heart
5. Better Homes and Gardens

These are the before pictures. Don’t mind the mess, I was in the process of clearing out and going through things when I remembered to take some pictures.  I brought the big shelf unit upstairs from my kitchen, when I replaced it with the Industrial Shelves I made this past spring.

So I got started on the reorganization of the closet  by removing the doors to the closet, placing the hardware in a baggie (and taping to the doors so I can find them easily when I need to put the doors back on) and bringing the doors down to the basement. Just by doing that opened the room so much.  I then grabbed the kitchen table I used in college from my dads and placed that in the closet.

With my work space situated, I realized that it was darker in that area now.  I already had the wiring for a pendant lamp. And I had stopped at Goodwill and just happened to see sea green capiz shells. I picked up the remaining three packs in the sea green. I then picked up a lamp shade at the thrift store for $1.

I started to disassemble the lamp shade.  I bent the three prongs that were on the smaller metal circle so that they could wrap around the larger one.  I ended up breaking one of them in the process, but I was able to make it work.

To secure the post back to the ring, I had to glue it and wrapped wire around to secure it in place. Then I took the center piece of the light and wrapped secured it to the smaller ring with wire.  The larger ring was still sticky with adhesive from the binding to keep the lamp shade in place, I wrapped grey ribbon around it.

Next I wrapped wire around the outside ring and glued three shells to each wire. The outer ring had a a total of of 18 strands of shells.  The inner ring had a total of 9 strands.


I had a swag light that I had previously picked up from World Market.  I was able to screwed some hooks into the ceiling to hang the swag.

The finished product adds some much needed light to my craft area.
I think I may need to move the light slightly, because it seems to be in the way of the shelf.  I may paint the table eventually, but it works just fine for now.  The rest of the office is almost done.  In the mean time I’m looking for an inexpensive box spring for my spare bed. For now it’s going to be housing things I don’t have a place for and I’m not sure what I want to do with.  Maybe a rummage sale will be in order next year.

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