Halloween Wall Art

As you guys know Halloween is my favorite time of year.  I love the spookiness and everything that goes with it.  I’m also excited that last Wednesday night was the season premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show!  It’s already so creepy!

Last year a I ran across this project from The Graphics Fairy. I didn’t get around to actually doing it until this year.  My version was a little different. I picked up four embroidery hoops and fabric from Michael’s. The two larger ones were about $1.79 and the smaller ones were about $1.69, the fabric was $8.99. I also picked up some floral tape for another project.  My total before my 25% off coupon came to $17.94 and after it was $14.19 with tax.

So I searched the images over at The Graphics Fairy to find the ones that I liked the best.  I a skull, a skeleton with a top hat, a tarantula, and a bat.

For the hairy tarantula click here

To get the skull and bat click here
For the Skeleton in Top Hat click here

I started with my plain embroidery hoops.

And spray painted them black.

Then I printed the above images from The Graphics Fairy.  There were letters on the skull, and because I was using the Citra-Solv method, I had to print a mirror image of the skull. The rest I printed normally.

I poured a small amount of Citra-Solv into a mason jar.  You don’t need a whole lot.  My office smelt so good.  You may want to open a window because it is pretty strong.
I taped the paper face down on the fabric. After the first one I did, I laid a piece of cardboard under the fabric.  Using a small brush, I spread the Citra-Solv on the paper, You want the paper to be wet, but not soaked.  Then I used a spoon to rub the ink into the fabric.  You want to make sure that you use a printer that uses toner and not an ink jet or laser printer.  The image won’t transfer if you use an ink jet or laser printer. The first time I used a towel under the fabric and the towel had a check pattern. You could see on the finished project.  

Then I ironed the image to set the ink and get rid of the excess Citra-Solv, I had my iron set to the highest setting that it would go before the steam would kick on. 

I put the fabric in the hoops and trimmed the edges.  I took my hot glue gun and glued the edges down, making sure to keep it tight.

I picked some ribbon from my jar-o-ribbon, and tied them, and looped them around the screws of the hoops.

I hung them on the wall going up stairs. 

I loved how these turned out, they are fun (and a little creepy) Halloween wall art. The possibilities are endless!

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