Oat Free Apple Crisp

Last week, I was contacted by email asked if I would share a blog post on apple picking. I thought I’d check out the post and see if it’s something I’d want to share with you guys. I wouldn’t share anything with you guys if I didn’t find it useful or informative in some say. Apple picking season is done here in Northeast Wisconsin. While I didn’t go this year, I thought the post had some good tips about picking the best apples, whether you are picking them out in an orchard, or from your local grocer or apple store.  It also has a breakdown characteristics of different apples, and the best uses for each. If you want to read more about apples, and save for next year’s apple picking check out the article over at The Fix.
So after reading the article, and the fact that Old Man Winter has stopped by, I thought it would be a good idea to use a jar of apples I canned and make some apple crisp. To me, the flavors of warm apples, cinnamon and a crumbly topping over ice cream, scream fall.
Before I left and headed up to the Stadium for work, I had grabbed all (or so I thought) of the things I needed before heading to my dad’s. So I was munching on some breakfast and unloading my bag when I realized I forgot the Oats.
I didn’t have enough time to finish my breakfast bagel and run back to my place, so I did a little searching on the for an apple crisp recipe without the oats.  At first I was a little hesitant to try it without them, but I was short on time.
So I found a recipe and decided to give it a try that had some good reviews. You can find the recipe I used here.


I put 3/4 cup flour and into a bowl, and I softened one stick of butter, just enough to be able it to mix it with the flour. Then, added that to the flour and mixed until well combined.  Finally, I added 1 cup of brown sugar and some apple pie spice to taste and combined all the ingredients.

After I poured the apples into a baking dish, I topped with the crisp mix, making sure to cover all of the apples.  Then I popped it into the oven at 350 degrees and baked for about an hour.  The top of the apple crisp was a delicious golden color.

After letting the apple crisp cool for a bit, I scooped some french vanilla ice cream and added the apple crisp to the top.

I was so happy the apple crisp turned out.  I was a little worried that it would have been too floury, but it didn’t. The crisp had just enough crunch.  It was a perfect way to end a cold evening and to celebrate another win by the Pack!

If you try the recipe let me know. I want to hear how yours turned out.

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