Hand Made Christmas Gifts

I am happy to say that the holidays are over. These past few months seem to have gone by in a blur! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years have already come and gone and January is almost over! January is our busy time at work so I pretty much feel drained. Now that the rush of the Holidays and football is over here in Green Bay (I’m not dwelling on that loss in Seattle, I SWEAR), I’m looking forward to February, when things slow down a bit and I can get back in to a normal routine.

For Christmas, like last year, I made some of my Christmas gifts. I didn’t want to post anything because Greg and Betsy didn’t come home until Jan 4th, which is when we were celebrating Christmas with them, and I didn’t want to spoil Betsy’s gift. Like Greg did to me one year. When we were kids, he correctly guessed quite a few gifts I had under the tree. It didn’t hurt that a fair amount were porcelain dolls. I still like to tell him that he ruined Christmas for me that year…I “ruined his life” once so I guess were even!

Since they became engaged at Thanksgiving (And now they have the date set!), I thought that I would make her a spa/relaxation basket and some art to remind her of home. Wedding planning is stressful enough, but planning a wedding half way across the country is an added stress, they are still Boston and the wedding is going to be in Milwaukee.

The first of the gifts I made Betsy (and possibly Greg too) was Wisconsin String Art. I’ll have my tutorial up later.

The second part of her gift, included the spa/relaxation basket.

There were four parts that I made.  First, I found this awesome recipe for a body scrub over at The Rising Spoon, (I’ve gotten a request from Jenny for another batch! I’m going to try to experiment with different oils I think an chocolate orange sounds divine). Second I made a candle, using rose essential oils. Third I made an Epsom Salt soak. I also made candles and body scrubs for gifts for other friends.

I added Castelbel White Pine soap, a foot pumice, bath Lavender bath fizzies and small spoons from World Market. I found the eye mask, and the Scottish Fine Soap lotion (one of my favorites) at TJMaxx.
Lastly I made a tote with subway art style word collage with words associated to love and marriage.  She has something to carry the wedding planner Greg got her as a St. Nick gift. This was another project using the Citra-Solv method of transferring images to the tote, It took a while for me to get everything to be a mirror image of itself. To print it into the size I wanted, I used Block Posters.
Below are both versions of what I created.  Feel free to save them and use them!
So those were the gifts I made this year. I really like giving and receiving gifts that have a personal touch! I’ll have additional posts up later this week.

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