Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Decorations.

I usually don’t decorate for Valentine’s day, but this year I thought I would. Maybe, I thought, it would bring me some luck in the love department. I officially took the plunge and I’m trying Match for three months, I’m hoping for some good luck! A little extra luck can’t hurt a single girl, right?
Today, I have three quick, easy and inexpensive projects to bring the love.
Valentine’s Subway Art
The first project is the simplest of the three. I was searching for some easy and free printable Valentine’s art and I came across this cute subway art from The TomKat Studio. I printed mine from Walgreen’s because I was running low on ink at home, and I believe I paid about $3.50 for the print. I found the frame at TJMaxx on clearance for $5.00. The total for this was under $10.00 and I can find other free printables and change it out for each season or holiday.

Glitter X and O

For my next project, I picked up an X and O and some red glitter the letters were about $1.97 each and the glitter was about $2.97. I already had red paint. I first painted each letter. Then I doused the letters with red glitter while the paint was still wet. After the paint had dried, I sprayed each letter with a sealer to keep the glitter from falling off.


Paper Heart Garland
Last I made paper heart Garland. This was a little more time consuming. I picked up 3 squares of 12×12 card stock at $0.79 each and 3 8 1/2×11 card stock at $0.59 each and pink paper ribbon on clearance for $1.59.
I started by cutting card stock into strips of 1/2 inch. I took 8 strips and left two at 12 inches, cut two strips of each to the following lengths: 10 inches, 8 inches and 6 inches.
I gathered the 8 strips and laid them out in 2 piles. I took a 9th strip to use as the center, which will act as a stabilizer. and placed that in the middle of the two piles with the longest strips in the middle. With that middle strip be sure to leave enough room at the bottom to allow the loose ends to be stapled. Staple the strips in place at the top of the heart. Then bring the ends and gather at the end of the middle strip and staple at the bottom. Taking a paper punch punch a hole at the top of the center strip to allow for hanging.

There you have it, my easy and inexpensive ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day. Maybe these will help bring some luck in the dating department. Do you guys go all out to decorate for Valentine’s Day? If so I’d like to hear about it!

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