Kitchen Chair Upgrade

If you remember a while back, I gave my kitchen table a facelift. Since then, I’ve been on the look out for the perfect fabric to upgrade my chairs. They are getting to the point that the fabric is a little dingy and meh, and had no personality. I’ve spilt so many things on them I’ve lost count. Once I dumped a whole bowl of strawberries on the chair. Thankfully I had Tide-To-Go sticks, and got most of the stains out. If you looked closely, you could still tell where I spilt something.
I wanted something a little whimsical, not too stuffy and it had to be something that wouldn’t get dated too soon.
Two weeks ago, while I was wondering around at Joann’s, I stumbled upon this fabric and fell in love with it right away. I thought it would be perfect for my kitchen chairs. It’s funky, but not too funky, and I don’t think it will get dated anytime soon. And the icing on the cake, it was half off, plus I had a “20% off your total order coupon”. So a fabric that was originally $39.99/yard ended up costing me $15.99/yard. I ended up getting 2 yards,


  • a drill, and an extender
  • scissors
  • needle-nosed pliers
  • flat head screwdriver to the pry the staples
  • staple gun

You’ll want to allow yourself a few hours to complete this project.

So I grabbed my a drill, and an extender and set about unscrewing the seat on first of the four chairs. And then the tedious work of prying the staples out of bottom of the seat. This took forever, at least it seemed to take forever. By the time I was done with all four, my arm and hands hurt.

Once the old fabric was removed, I laid out the new fabric and placed the old on top. Using the old fabric as a template, I then cut around the old fabric.

Then I took the newly cut fabric, placed it good side down and placed the seat on top. To staple I took one of the sides and stapled in place with my staple gun, repeating directly across and then on the top and bottom. With a patterned fabric, you don’t want to pull too tightly when stapling. If you do you may cause the pattern to shift. I continued to staple  around the chair.

When stapling the corners, I stapled the sides in first, and then I cut a notch out on each side. I found that this allowed the fabric to lie with less bulk. Then I took the fabric that was at the corner and pulled tight towards the center of the chair, and stapled in place.

I repeated the process 3 more times.

Once finished, I screwed the seat back to the chair and voila! Updated kitchen chairs. This was a pretty time consuming project, but I’m happy I did it. I love how these chairs turned out.

I think the chairs are a nice modern touch to go with the distressed table.

I have some leftover fabric that I’m sure I can find a good use. Maybe a small decorative pillow for my bed is in order.

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