Chevron Painted Wooden Tool Box

Last summer while digging through  your dad’s garage for some tools and whatnot for some projects! I found this old wooden toolbox. After making sure my dad didn’t need it or want it, I packed up my supplies and brought the box home, where it sat for a while.


For this project, I decided to paint it a light gray and a light teal, with gold accents. My inspiration was the Tiffany box which  my wine glasses were delivered. I picked the wine glasses from options given to my from my employer for my 10-year anniversary. I had some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Gray and mixed it FolkArt Chalk Paint in White Adirndck to lighten the gray. To make the light teal, I mixed White Adirndck and Grotto at a ratio of 2 to 1. The paint was pretty thick so I added water to thin it out.
I painted the box 2 coats of the grey. And while waiting for the box to dry, I worked on making a chevron template.  To make a chevron template, I laid out a grid with the distance between each peak to be two inches & one inch high. Taping the template to the box, I used it as a guideline to place the painter’s tape.


Once the gray was dry and I taped around the box, I painted the untaped parts teal. After it was dry, I pulled off the tape.  When I pulled off, really tiny pieces of the gray came off. Instant distressing!

Next came what to do about the handle. It was a little blah, so I decided to paint the handle gold. Since I already had painted the rest of the box, I taped around the handle and used plastic wrap around the box itself and headed outside to spray paint.

Then I came back in, out of the cold, and added a few finishing touches. I painted the nail heads, the nails that were sort of hammered in and the holes where the nails ought to be or were hammered in too far. Since I used chalk paint, I had to wax the whole thing.

Now it’s home for odds and ends, like my collection of silverware, which I’m going to try to make garden markers, my essential oils and dried flowers and herbs, and some jars I have on hand to use to make scrubs.

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