Painted Drum Table

I have had a empty space in my living room since I moved my DVD shelves next to my TV at Christmas time. I’ve been looking for a drum table for a while. I found one I really liked at a consignment shop, but it was a little pricey at $60.  At the end of March, I was looking through one of the local Facebook garage sale pages and I stumbled upon an annual town rummage sale in Denmark, which is about 20 minutes from Green Bay. So I texted Jenny to see if she wanted to go with me. After I was done with work, we took a short drive on a very cold and windy day to see if we could find any goodies.

There were lots of really awesome vintage things, trunks, suitcases, bits and bobs, and if I had an endless supply of funds, or a larger trunk, I would have grabbed up a bunch of things. Like these totally awesome shoes.

I actually lucked out and found one for $30 and an old window (I still don’t know what I’m going to do with it) at the garage sale. The table wasn’t in bad shape, just a few places where the lacquer had been worn off, and a few scratches.  Nothing a little light sanding couldn’t fix.

After the top was sanded and all of the dust removed, I took the leftover paint from my Chevron Toolbox and lightened it up a bit. Then I got to painting the top, and the sides of the top. I used long strokes to get an even surface. After letting the first coat dry, I added a second coat and this time I painted in the cross direction to keep the paint smooth.

I then tackled the base. I decided to paint it a few shades darker, so I added a little of the darker teal to darken my paint. I really like the contrast.

I added gold paint to the groves around around groove at the bottom of the table top, grooves around the base of the table, and the grooves on the legs. I waxed the table to seal the paint, and buffed the top of the table, giving it a light sheen. To finish the table, I painted the claw feet gold.

To finish it off, I added a picture of my mom and I when I was a baby. I picked up a new lamp, I found a faux mercury glass base and a black shade. I then gathered a faux mercury glass candle stick I found at the Salvation Army and my faux mercury glass candle holders I made.

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