In front of the camera – a single lady’s holiday card

Tis the season! The season for cute and adorable family and couple photo Christmas Cards. This year I thought, what about all the single ladies (and dudes). What about us? are we just relegated to second-class Holiday cards? This year, the answer was NO!

This year, I embraced my singledom and my cat-ladyness! I’m 37 and gosh darn it, I’m pretty awesome. Why not show off my silly side in my Christmas cards this year? So I enlisted Jolene’s help taking the photos. I took her engagement photos and she took some previous headshots of me. (Check out some of Jolene and Jason’s engagement pictures )

I had almost everything I needed. My only additional purchase was my new winter themed jammies. I did a little Google search for “single lady Christmas cards” and found some really cute ideas to use as my inspiration. The goal: to create some funny and cute photos that will make those on my Christmas Card list laugh.

So early on a Saturday morning, at the beginning of December, I met Jolene at a county park to take pictures. It was brisk that morning, we got stuck in some brambles, and included a quick wardrobe change behind some trees (thanks nude color spanks), but I had a lot of fun doing it. Below are some of my favorites.

 Harley was seriously not having it.

The obligatory photos in front of the tree. Harley says “seriously lady what’s your deal”.

 Just a girl and her wine.

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