Vintage Pillow Case Linen Sachets 

I love the smell of Lavender. It is one of my favorite smells, and colors. It relaxes me, I like to use it to help me fall asleep, I like to try to find recipes to cook with it, I will add a few drops to the bath tub and soak in it when I’m stressed or achey, and I use it in my laundry, in addition to my other favorite scent, lemon grass.

Last spring, one of my local bars, Gasoline, hosted a vintage flea market. This is the second time I went to their event. So I stopped by and found these lovely embroidered vintage pillow cases. They came in sets of two for $5 each, not totally unreasonable. So, I snatched them up right away. They remind me of pillow cases my grandma used to have and I love that. In addition to being beautiful, they were as soft as buttah!


  • Pillow Cases (or fabric of your choosing)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors/Pinking Shears
  • Rice
  • Essential Oils of Your Choice (Lavender and Sage)
  • Dried Flowers (optional)

Sachets 7.jpg

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with these, but I decided to turn them into linen sachets and put them in my drawers. I have older dressers, and the drawers are a little smelly.

To start, I laid out each pillow case and grabbed my pinking shears to cut them into 4 to 5 inch sections. I made sure to keep the front and back together and trying to get the most of the embroidery on each of the cut pieces. I was able to get about 4 sachets from each pillow case.

Sachets 2.jpg

When I had cut all of the pieces out, I then got out my sewing machine and sewed the front and back together. I used a bright teal as my thread. I only sewed three of the sides, in order to allow me to easily fill each sachets.


Once the all of the sachets were sewn, I mixed up the rice with lavender and sage essential oils and added some dried lavender I have. I filled each sachet with the rice about 3/4 full and then sewed each one shut. I did get a little heavy handed with the essential oil,  I needed to let the rice sit before I could fill them to air out. It was a little overpowering!.

I loved how they turned out, bight, a girly, and vintage. Now they live happily in my drawers making my clothes smell nice and calming! If I needed to, I could also microwave them and use them to help with any sore muscles or to lay across my forehead if I had a migraine. They would also be easy to refill or add additional drops of essential oil as needed. Just remove the stitch and refill.

Sachets 6.jpg

A fairly easy solution to my slightly smelly drawers.

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