Vanity Makeover Part 1

Hey guys, in today’s post, I’m going to show you how I took apart a vanity I purchased. Back at the end of October, I was scrolling through Facebook Marketplace for my local area and I found a vanity. So I messaged the seller, arranged a meet up, hopped into my car, and made the quick 30 mile trip to Appleton to pick up the vanity. I was there in back with in an hour. It came with a mirror too. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that, but I’m sure I’ll find something.


I know the vanity was nice as is, and just needs a good cleaning, sanding and painting. But I’ve been looking for one to turn into night stands for quite some time. And this one was perfect.

I started to try to take the desk apart, I started by unscrewing the screws that held the top on. I was hoping that I would be able to just unscrew the top and take it off, like I did with my desk, and take the vanity apart. However that was not the case, there were  nails and dowels, which I couldn’t see or find where they came from. I was only able to remove a few things, using a mini crowbar, like the molding around and some decorative molding below the middle drawer.

So the vanity sat in my office until last weekend. Saturday the 21st was a perfect day to take it outside and get to work on it. So do you that bit of snow? The weekend of the 14th we got almost two feet of snow! Gotta love that Wisconsin weather!


I purchased a new Ryobi saw two weeks ago. I have to say it cuts like a dream. It was also the perfect day to try out my new saw. I had been using my dad’s, and have basically held it hostage for the last four years or so.


I made the first cut along the top of the vanity and then made a second cut along the back.


With the first two cuts made, I started to pry the back out. I had to remove three nails on each side. One of the legs was split in two places where two of the nails were. Once I got those nails out, the one side was easy to get out. The left side was a little harder, but with enough wiggling the back came out. I was planning on keeping the splintered pieces, but I accidentally threw them out. That means I have a little reconstruction to do when the time comes.


With the back now gone, I made the third cut to split the bottom in half. I then proceeded to remove what was left of the bottom support. This is where the dowels were located and some of those hidden nails. Removing the bottom took a bit of arm work, mostly because the nail wasn’t in there straight. it appeared to be bent.


With the bottom gone, I was now able to use the saw to make a straight cut. The front of the vanity had a curve to it, so I used where the curve ended as my line of demarcation, and this is where I got the 13.75 inches from.I measured 13.75 inches from the far side on each section. This is my guide line. The picture doesn’t quite show how it lines up. I crated a solid guide with an extra piece of wood and clamped it in place so I could cut a straight line. I wish I thought about this before! It would have saved me a lot of headache and trouble cutting a straight line.


With both sides of the vanity now fully cut apart, my next steps are to strip off the stain, repair the broken part in the back, and fill in the holes where the dowels were. There is only one part I’m not fully happy with and I’m not quite sure how to remove it with out breaking the section. Where the middle drawer was, there is a an extra piece of wood, so it’s thicker than the bottom. I can’t tell if it’s glued on or if it’s a thicker piece of wood but I’m not chancing it and ripping it apart. If anyone has any knowledge about this I’m all ears.


When I first started this project I was a little afraid, I’m not going to lie. I had no idea what to expect, and really had no idea how difficult it would be. Sometimes we have to step outside of our comfort zone and try something that challenges us.

Do you see that snow in the background? I’m happy to say that all of that white stuff we got back on the 14th is gone from my yard. I have one tiny snow pile in my front yard that’s left.

My next post will be my experience with using Bondo for the first time, and stripping and painting the pieces to match my dresser I painted last summer.

What did you do this weekend?

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