Mini Reunion!!!

Hey guys! I’m back with a weekend recap. I haven’t done one of these in a while. It’s the middle of May, the weather is getting warmer and college graduations are here. About two weeks ago or so, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a group for Marquette’s Class of 2003 15 year reunion! I can’t believe that I’ve been graduated from college for 15 years this week. Isn’t time funny like that?

It was perfect timing that Pete, a friend from college, and his band Big Bang Baby were going to be in Milwaukee. Tala, a friend and roommate from college, organized an event for a group of us to see Pete’s band play at Shank Hall. We dubbed it a mini Bando Reunion. Bandos is what members of the Marquette Band call ourselves. She organized a really fun event, that included bowling, the concert, and going out after.

I took off the 10th and 11th and did some stuff around the house. Friday, the 11th, after getting my hair cut in the morning that Friday, I headed down to Milwaukee. I ended up getting in and having about three hours to kill before my friend Heather was done with work. So that gave me enough time to stop at the mall and do some shopping, then to stop on campus and pick up a new Marquette shirt.

I met Heather at her place and we had a quick dinner before a group of friends came over for game night. As you can see by my expression, I was super excited to play Dance Party. However we didn’t get a chance to. We played Taboo and Cards Against Humanity.  I miss my friends down in Milwaukee.

Game night 2.png

Saturday, I went to get my eyebrows threaded, and then headed to Pewaukee to check out some places I didn’t get to when I went on my little road trip for the Vintage Shop Hop back in March. My first stop was at The Bee’s Knees Homestead. It was in this cute little village, called Stonewood Village, which is a bunch of businesses in historic buildings. It reminded me of something we have in Green Bay called Vickery Village. I was in luck, there happened to be a Makers Market. I wondered around a bit and headed into a few shops. I picked up some cute twine from Coqui. I was in heaven in this store. I hit up The Bee’s Knees Homestead, and a few other places.


After I was done with my shopping venture, I met Heather at the Corner Bakery Cafe in the Mayfair Exchange. After lunch, we hit up a few stores  and then headed back to Heather’s place to get ready for the night. We made our to the bowling alley, which was on the south side of Milwaukee, and met up with our fellow Bandos. IT was funny I was talking with some of my friends and we were commenting on how much we pretty much all look the same.



We bowled for a bit, and had a few drinks before making our way up to Shank Hall. Leaving Heather’s car at the bowling alley, she and I hitched a ride with our friend Kristina in her swagger wagon. Who know mom cars were awesome! We also got primo parking right in front. Sometimes parking is a pain in the ass in Milwaukee.

I can tell you I don’t remember much about the first band except that I knew maybe one song. Unexpectedly, my friend Cal was at the show. He’s also a fellow Bando. He was a Freshman when I was a senior and we both played Bari Sax. It was great catching up with him. He just got engaged and literally closed on a house in Sheboygan with his fiance! I told him about my Etsy and craft stuff.

We stayed for Big Bang Baby and they were excellent. Pete is the drummer. I knew more than one song! By this point, there may have been dancing on my part.


After there set was over, a bunch of us headed to Wolski’s, one of our favorite bars. During our Senior year Heather, and Meghan lived across the street. It ended up being our last stop most nights our senior year. It was easy just to crash at their place after going out. Upon walking into the bar, Heather knew a few faces, so she grabbed a pitcher of Lakefront’s IPA and handed me a glass. She chatted with a former Law School friend, Peter, and I chatted with Sean, a friend of Peter’s, for a large portion of the night. Somehow by the end of the night Peter gave me Sean’s phone number, and there may have been texts sent. 😉


Me with Tala and Terry.

What night would be complete without some selfies? At bar close Heather and I waited a for a Lyft to get home.

I’ve already made plans to head back to Milwaukee for the 4th and to hit up Summerfest. Ke$ha is playing that night. And I can’t wait to go back for the actual Marquette Reunion in October!

Sunday I came back home, after taking Heather to get her car, and had dinner with my dad. He took me out to eat, since Greg and Betsy were in Port Washington with her family for Mother’s day.


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