Hanging Pulley Lamp

Happy 2019! I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season!

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you how I created a hanging lamp using some leftover wood I had from signs I made, a pulley I purchased at a vintage market, a lighting kit from Michael’s, a hook, and a smart Edison bulb I found on Amazon.

What You’ll Need

  • Pulley (new or old, your choice)
  • Scrap Wood
  • Light Kit
  • Light
  • Hook
  • Lamp Shade (optional)
  • Drill (drill bits and screw driver)
  • Wood Glue
  • Screws

I’ve had the pulley and lighting kit for a while. I purchased the pulley at A Vintage Corner’s Spring pop up shop about a year ago. I wasn’t really sure how I wanted to hang it. I didn’t want to just screw in a hook and hang it up. I’ve been told patience is a virtue (one I don’t always have). In this case I think it paid off.

When I cancelled my cable, it gave me the freedom to re arrange my living room. My living room has two full walls and a short wall where the stairs are, with part of the “wall” being taken up with the railing. Below is a lay out of how my living room is set up currently.

So on this short 4 foot wall behind the sofa, and sofa table, I have a mini gallery wall set up with an homage to Wisconsin, Green Bay, and Milwaukee.

Some times it can get pretty dark in the right hand corner of the picture. So I wanted to have a light that was either small to sit on the sofa table, or that wasn’t even on the sofa table. So I set about searching good old Pinterest to see if I found anything I liked. I found one that had some of the design elements I liked. You can find the inspiration here. I thought the bracket/brace was cool and rustic and would look perfect with my vintage pulley.

To start, I grabbed some scrap pieces of 1×2 pine I use for framing signs. Two of the pieces were already stained and lightly distressed. I stained the third piece to match. The long piece measures 16.5″, the short one measures 9″, and the angle piece measures 6″. Since two of the three pieces were already cut, I just had to cut the angled piece. I went out to my garage and using the electric miter saw, I cut the angled piece at a 45 degree angle on each side. (Thanks to my dad for letting me bring his over to my place. I don’t have to go over there when I want to cut wood, and I won’t make a mess in his basement. It’s a win-win.)

To secure the pieces together, I debated on using a pocket screw to sure the horizontal piece to the vertical piece. I ended up deciding against it. Instead I drilled four pilot holes on the vertical piece, one at the top, one where the horizontal piece would go, two to for screws to secure it to the wall, and one for the angled piece. Then I used a counter sink drill bit, on each of the pilot holes, to make sure that the screws would be flush or slightly below the face of the wood.

Once the bracket was assembled, I then attached the hook that would hold the pulley.

After I attached the hook to the bracket, I attached the bracket to the wall, and worked on getting the light fixture set up and wrapped around the pulley.

When I went to hang the pulley and the light fixture up, the weight of the light fixture pulled the cord down. In order to prevent that, I wrapped the cord up and around swivel eye at the top of the pulley.

While I was working on putting the lamp together, I had put a copper pipe bracket in a solution of vinegar and salt. I let it sit for a about an hour. I then removed the bracket from the solution and set it on paper towel, coating it in more salt. As it air dried, the combination of salt, vinegar, and air caused the piece to start to oxidize. This helps age the copper, removing the sheen of the new piece. It didn’t cause the bracket to get the nice green patina, although the salt started to get some of that patina. I attached it to the piece using two carpet tacks.

The final touch was finding this Edison Bulb on Amazon. It’s also a smart bulb! I have some Edison Bulbs, but they are too amber in color, the switch for the lamp ended up being in a difficult place to reach, plus I like the ability to dim lights.

There it is, my new Vintage Pulley Lamp. It’s a perfect addition to my living room.

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