Faux Smoldering Fire

Hey guys, you get two-for-one post. I decided to separate the faux fire from the cauldron post instead of one long post. In this post, I’ll show you how I made a faux smoldering fire. I had fun making this piece of Halloween decor.


  • Spray foam (at least two cans, maybe more if)
  • Orange lights
  • Spray Paint (Red and Black)
  • Piece of wood
  • Aluminum Foil

I started this by taking a piece of scrap wood I had from another project and wrapped it in aluminum foil. Then I laid out half of the lights on the board.

Once I had the lights spread out, I started to spray the foam. I tried to make sure that I covered all of the lights. I then layered the second half of the lights and continued to spray the remaining foam. some where along the way, I realized I wasn’t getting the foam to expand to the size I wanted. I ended up running out of foam. I realized I got the wrong foam. I originally got the foam that was for small spaces. When I got the second can, I made sure to get the foam that was for large gaps.

With the second can, I was able to get it to expand to the size I wanted. I ended up getting up early with Luna and while she went out for the morning, I plugged in the lights to get a better view of what needed to be covered.

Before the foam had a chance to harden I took the red spray paint and started to lightly spray. Doing so gave the foam a nice airy texture in some places. I then repeated the process with the black spray paint.

Once I painted the foam to my liking, I set it up in the front yard with the cauldron. I placed extra bricks from my garden beds. I think rocks would look better but that’s what I have now. I also want to add some more spooky elements, like bones and skulls, but with all of the delays getting products due to COVID, I may have to wait until next year. You can see how I made the cauldron.

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