Meet Lonie

Hi there I’m Lonie! Thanks for checking out my little corner of the internet! I decided to start this blog because I was craving a creative outlet, because working for the man, wasn’t filling that need. So it was with that need for a creative outlet, that I decided to share my ideas, thoughts and enjoyment of crafting, DIY, decorating, cooking, baking, photography, and tidbits about my life, with all of you. I’m a single lady living in Green Bay, trying to balance work, family and friends, crafting and blogging.
I was born and raised in Green Bay, moved to Milwaukee for college, and came back home after I graduated. I’m a proud Wisconsinite and I love being from Green Bay. I think this little city is starting to come really into its own. There’s quite a lot that has changed since I moved back in 2004. It makes me excited to see what the future holds.
I would describe my design/decorating style as comfortable, mixing modern and vintage, with a hints of rustic and European farm. I love mixing large masculine pieces (sofas or chairs with nail head details) and soft, feminine accents, along with pieces that have a sentimental value (Wisconsin/Green Bay/Milwaukee centric pieces).
I also run the Etsy shop The Crafty Llama by Lonie.
Facts and Tid-Bits:
    • I’m a HUGE Packer and Marquette fan.
    • I like to support small local and other Wisconsin businesses.
    • I’m learning how to garden through trial and error (I knew I should have listened more to my mom when I had the chance).
    • I quote random TV shows, movies, and music. My favorites include The Office, Parks and Rec, The West Wing, Dazed and Confused.
    • When I’m working I’m either listen to Podcasts, or music.
    • In 2020 I just bought my first home, and became an auntie.
    • I’m a cat and dog mom.
I’m looking forward to share my creations with you and inspire you the way I’ve been inspired.
Photo Credit: Jolene Dufek
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