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In front of the camera – a single lady’s holiday card

Tis the season! The season for cute and adorable family and couple photo Christmas Cards. This year I thought, what about all the single ladies (and dudes). What about us? are we just relegated to second-class Holiday cards? This year, the answer was NO! This year, I embraced my singledom and my cat-ladyness! I'm 37… Continue reading In front of the camera – a single lady’s holiday card

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Photography Class Part 3

This is the last of my photography class posts! In this last class, we focused on manual mode again and how to capture dreamy, short depth of field photos. To start we had a few refreshers from the previous two classes: Change the ISO last-generally. If you don't have a grey card you can meter… Continue reading Photography Class Part 3

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Photography Class Part 2

The second session of our photography class, focused on taking a good composition, and learning how to take interesting photographs. We learned that the are four elements of photography; frame, flatness, focus and time. Frame Am I too far away? Do I need all of this? Is it important? Decide what to share Frame w/in… Continue reading Photography Class Part 2

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Photography Class Part 1

I've been wanting to upgrade my camera for quite some time.  My trusty point and shoot camera has been loyal, but I was looking for something that would allow me to expand my photography skills. When I got my taxes back, I put the money to good use. I purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T5… Continue reading Photography Class Part 1

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Churches & Cemeteries

Because I have been studying for midterms I have two midterms , I didn't do a Weekend Update.  I've had this waiting in the wings.  Since Halloween is just over a week away, I thought I'd share with you all my love of all things related to the supernatural, horror, creepy, you name it.  I For those… Continue reading Churches & Cemeteries

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Clothesline Frame Tutorial

I had purchased a frame from Hobby Lobby on clearance this past winter for around 8 bucks.  My original intent was to turn it into a magnetic spice rack.  I didn’t have much room for it and I decided that I would use an old shelf I wasn’t using.   I was left with a picture frame,… Continue reading Clothesline Frame Tutorial