In front of the camera – a single lady’s holiday card

Tis the season! The season for cute and adorable family and couple photo Christmas Cards. This year I thought, what about all the single ladies (and dudes). What about us? are we just relegated to second-class Holiday cards? This year, the answer was NO! This year, I embraced my singledom and my cat-ladyness! I'm 37… Continue reading In front of the camera – a single lady’s holiday card

Photography Class Part 2

The second session of our photography class, focused on taking a good composition, and learning how to take interesting photographs. We learned that the are four elements of photography; frame, flatness, focus and time. Frame Am I too far away? Do I need all of this? Is it important? Decide what to share Frame w/in… Continue reading Photography Class Part 2

Churches & Cemeteries

Because I have been studying for midterms I have two midterms , I didn't do a Weekend Update.  I've had this waiting in the wings.  Since Halloween is just over a week away, I thought I'd share with you all my love of all things related to the supernatural, horror, creepy, you name it.  I For those… Continue reading Churches & Cemeteries