Legal Mumbo Jumbo

After a year and a half of taking paralegal classes, what kind of paralegal graduate would I be if I didn’t have a disclaimer? So without further ado, here it is:

This is my personal blog and all thoughts, opinions or views contained in this blog are mine, and mine alone, The Crafty Llama. They are not representative of any employer(s), association(s) or organization(s) I may be involved in. Should I have a guest author, any thoughts, opinions or views they post are theirs and not mine.

Feel free to join in the conversation and comment in the comment section of each post. I reserve the right to delete any comment (abusive, profane, rude or anonymous comments) please keep it PG-even if you disagree with me, or think I’m off my rocker. Any comments made, are the thoughts of those who wrote them, and not mine.
This is a personal blog and I’m not a professional. While I try to be as accurate as possible, sometimes I may have something gotten wrong. I am only a llama, and sometimes llamas like people, make mistakes.
If you try to recreate anything I post, please do so with caution and in a safe environment, I wouldn’t want any of you to get hurt. Lets leave that to me.

© The Crafty Llama DIY 2013. Unless otherwise credited, all images are the original work & property of The Crafty Llama. Sharing of information for non-commercial use is acceptable, provided the proper crediting links are included.
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