Lili’s Senior Pictures

I was asked by a friend if I would do her daughter Lili’s Senior Pictures. I’ve known Lili since she was little. I’m amazed at how much she has grown over the years. Lili’s has always been a quiet soul, but just below the surface, there’s a snarkyness that is just waiting to come up. It may have shown up a few times during our sessions, and there may have been a finger or two flipped at myself and Lili’s mom! Lili was a trooper, the first part of our session was done on a September day where the temperature was in the 90s!

IMG_0152 watermark.jpgIMG_0234 WM.jpgIMG_9514 WM.jpgIMG_9315 WM.jpgIMG_0155 wm.jpgIMG_0243 WM.jpgIMG_9350 Watermark.jpgIMG_9535 Watermark.jpgIMG_9318-Watermark.jpgIMG_0132 Watermark.jpgIMG_9367 Watermark.jpgIMG_0167 watermark.jpg

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